Mission Statement

We work to restore reef habitats where natural coral has been destroyed.

Between rising sea tempatures, CO2 polution, and natural disasters, our planet's reefs are dying - and with them the people, and animals, who rely on them to live.

Currently: U.S. Territory Waters

What Reef Revive is doing right now...

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Research & Development

Tracking coral rooting and growth rates on natural composite 3D printed surfaces in our nursery against the open ocean site.

Our Process
  • 1. Transplanting corals

    We rapidly grow coral fragments in our sea nursery which then get transplanted into reef installation areas.

  • 2. Installing artificial reefs

    We build artificial reefs which are used as permanent attachment points for our 3D-printed coral growing platforms.

  • 3. Creating protected sanctuaries

    We work with local governments to designate a reef project location and assign it an official protected status.


We are currently planning our next installation near the damaged reefs of Puerto Rico caused by the destruction of Hurricane Maria.

*Over 54% of rural Puerto Ricans rely on fishing reefs for their primary source of food.
Planned for 2022

Ocean Forest
Installation Project

We are currently in the planning stages of the Ocean Forest Installation Project. The goal of this project is to create a 2,000 sq-ft artificial reef in the shallow waters off of Puerto Rico. Using our proprietary 3D printed, nutrient rich coral nursery platforms we can easily transfer growing staghorn corals from our nursery to the installation area.

  • A joint effort between Reef Revive, Corp. and the Puerto Rico government.
  • Creates a new protected area to sea life and tourism.
  • Potentially adds up to 10,000 new staghorn corals to the region.

Our Impact

From the start, we publicly share photos and GPS coordinates for every single reef project. And because are a 501c(3) organization our finances are publicly available.

Why Bother Restoring
Reef Ecosystems?

Food Resource

275 million people depend directly on coral reefs for their livelihoods.


Corals are a refuge and food resource to 25% of the world's marine biodiversity.

Coastal Protection

Reefs offer coastal protection against storms, floods and erosion in more than 100 countries.

Local Economy

Corals generate $36 billion a year from the fishing and tourism industries.


Coral reefs are the source of some primary ingredients in pharmecueticals and medicine.

The Technology

We hold 3+ patents to help our mission

From 3D printing filament laced with nutrients, to reef construction molds - all of our patents are open-source for other non-profits to use with good will. We carry them to protect the technology from corporate use.

How You Can Help

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